As a full time artist, when it comes to reproducing my artwork I rely on the professionalism of Dean Davis and his crew. I realize that I do not have “easy to reproduce” artwork. It is both heavily textured and contains metallic and iridescent paint. Dean takes the extra time to work with each piece on an individual basis, photographing the work both polarized and not to achieve maximum results with the highest resolution camera available. In the studio his staff is highly skilled with digital work, and the printers, paper and canvas are of top quality. The end result is rich, velvety giclee prints, which I have always been more than satisfied to offer to my customers.—Melissa Cole

Digital Capture

Digital Capture

If you do not already have a high resolution digital file of your art we can create one for you. You can bring your art to our studio or ship it to us.  If you are located within our immediate geographic area we also offer a pick up and delivery service.

At this time we are using a 21.1 megapixel camera, electronic studio flash and when necessary multiple captures and stitching to achieve super high resolution images for over sized reproductions. As technology improves so does our capabilities.

If you already have a high resolution digital file that is ready to print you can simply upload it to our server and fill out an order form.

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